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Bound Printed Matter

Bound Printed Matter must weigh between 16 ounces and 15 pounds; can be wrapped, unwrapped, sleeved, or enveloped; and must exceed at least one of these minimums:

Flats - Non-Automated
  Minimum Maximum
Height 6 1/8" 12"
Length 11 1/2" 15"
Thickness 1/4" 3/4"
Flats - Automated
  Minimum Maximum
Height 5" 10"
Length 5" 14 1/4"
Thickness .02" 3/4"
  Minimum Maximum
Height 3" 17"
Length 6" 34"
Thickness 1/4" 17"
Examples of Bound Printed Matter
  • Annual Reports
  • Booklets
  • Catalogs
  • Computer Printouts
  • Directories
  • Handbooks
  • Information Kits
  • Technical Guides
  • Telephone Directories

*It is the customer's responsibility to ensure mail pieces constitute Bound Printed Matter under the current USPS Domestic Mail Manual.

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